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Concentrating when working from home is difficult

Hello! We are a team of students in Guildford who have come together to create a contemporary and smart do not disturb sign for anyone who wants to instil peace and productivity among the workplace.

This is the latest in smart sign technology: a fully automated do not disturb node, versatile and effective, you can place this sign anywhere and it will eliminate unproductive interruptions and increase your working efficiency. The signs can be placed in any working environment to great effect, so whether you’re working at home or in the office they’ll creating a better, more peaceful and productive workspace: revolutionise your working life, buy yours today!

We have been crowned best Young Enterprise company 2021 (UK).

Our aims:

  • Bring peace to those working from home.
  • Provide a smart easy-to-use design.
  • Create a product to help keep the work life and home life separate.

Design Feedback

Styles of our product

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For Businesses

These automated signs are designed to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your employees; simply, they’re a must have in the workplace. The distinctive signage has many efficient uses, from preventing users from unproductive interruptions to clearly showing when meeting rooms are occupied, these signs are capable of increasing the overall potency of your office.

Our plan for businesses: what we are offering businesses is a revolutionary product for your working life, and here is our offer: any number of signs, any design, with a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied in any way with the signs. In effect, we’re offering you a trial of a product that has the potential to upgrade the way you work to new levels, at no expense to you if you decide to return them.

Business Offerings

Level up offices or multiple locations - request a quote or contact the team to get started.


We can post the products to a business address for your own distribution, or each employee individually, to suit your needs.

Join the smart working revolution

Level up your workspaces with our high tech Do Not Disturb signs now. Create your design and request a quote now.

Our product

How our product is designed to help you:

Increased Concentration

Our product will help workers avoid unnecessary interruptions, preventing their minds from being taken off from the task at hand.

Fewer interruptions

Our product lets others know that work is in process that should not be disturbed, giving workers peace and quiet to do work.

Increased Productivity

Less interruptions and greater concentration will help employees get work done quicker, and to a higher standard.

Aesthetically pleasing

The signs are designed to fit into your employees' work environments, appearing clearly and obviously while blending with the décor of any office

Clear to understand

Light allows for easy identification as to when working or not, helping save everyone’s time by providing much needed clarity compared to scribbled notes or emails.

Smart controls

Upgrade home working situations with a smart do not disturb sign which syncs with employees' work life and environment to perform it's function without issues.

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Choose your product

Pick your product controller and style, and then request a quote from us and let us know how many of each sign you'd like.

You can choose from the smart or original controllers for the functionality of your sign, and then go onto choosing your design (see design section).

Smart Controller:

The signs can all be equipped with smart system integration: the signs are programmed to automatically turn on and off at the start of meetings, syncing with your work calendar to perfectly mimic your schedule and improve your efficiency.
The signs can be control by a smartphone app or smart speakers, such as Alexa and Google Home. Alternatively, they can by integrated with Office 365 and Google Calendar for automated activation.

£20 standard price

Remote Controller:

Control with an included remote control, from up to 40m away (depending on obstacles in between). Simple and easy to use.

£20 standard price

Design Comparison

We've designed 3 styles of our Do Not Deskturb. The smart controller and the remote controller are both compatible with all 3 styles. All 3 designs are the same price; the price depends on the controller you pick (see above).

Original Design

  • Versatile door or desk mounting systems
  • Clear and distinctive red light to mark when online
  • Most effective for individuals using separate offices
  • Can feature remote control/automation
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Modern Design

  • Modern aesthetic for the modern working world
  • Affixes firmly to doors/walls/vertical surfaces
  • Wording illuminates red when activated
  • Most effective for use on conference/meeting room doors
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Modern Free Standing

  • Versatile and mobile mounting system
  • Same illuminated transparent sign structure as the modern
  • Compact and easily moved between locations
  • Most effective in non-partitioned office desks/hot-desking
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Get a quote

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Testimonials & Reviews

Liz Evans

Original Do Not Deskturb Remote x2

My son and daughter are both delighted with their remote controlled 'Do Not Disturb' signs and it is making home schooling so much easier. I now know when it's safe to deliver laundry, cups of tea or printing. In fact, I don't know how we got through previous lockdowns without them! Thank you Firefly Team for a great product and great customer service.

Sarah Bailey

Modern Do Not Deskturb Smart x1

Thank you very much, well packaged and in use

Jo LeCouilliard

Original Do Not Deskturb Remote

Excellent product - simple & effective. Excellent company service

Frequently Asked Questions

Still a bit unsure? Check our our FAQs for those quick answers you need.

  • You can customise the text on the Original to whatever you like (as long as it fits!), and we offer the signs in any language you wish - just mention when you request a quote. It is not possible at this time to customise the Modern's text.

  • The modern style product is mounted with double sided tape (included) onto a wall or door, whilst the original design is hung on a door knob or free standing. We also offer a option of a base instead for the modern so it can sit upright on a desk.

  • The smart design connects with your smartphone over your WiFi network. It can also work via calendar integration by automatically activating during a scheduled meeting using our webapp. Additionally you can connect by linking it to your Alexa or Google Home system, it can be activate by the command “turn on/off do not disturb” (or any name you choose).

  • Yes you can! We are now offering the option of including the remote control system into either of the modern designs.

  • Yes, both of our designs were designed with the environment in mind, the original is based around a specific type of wood deemed to be one of the most sustainable resources in the world (Paulownia wood), in our smart product we use PLA for 3D printing. This is a special biodegradable plastic. We are also now 100% carbon neutral, and we have offset all our emissions since day 1.

  • Our team is currently hard at work finishing up designing a new rechargeable version, with a massive new battery (included) which you can charge up via your USB cable. This will allow you to keep working in peace for weeks without having to recharge the batteries of the sign (during average use). If you are interested please enquire in the quote form to be one of the first to receive our latest innovation!

  • You can buy our products on Young Enterprise Trading Station. Buy online in just a few clicks. Please note bulk order discount is not available via this method.

  • Sure, we supply all business customers with full invoices, we will send this via email and attach as a pdf.

  • Our team would be delighted to answer your questions and help you out, just use the contact form at the bottom of the page or email us at