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At the crucial moment of that meeting, a family member bursts in and ruins the call. We’re here to help, providing you with the ultimate key to a more professional environment within your own home. The Do Not Deskturb, a fully integrated assistant and smartphone controlled conspicuously lit ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, gives your working world the boundaries it desperately needs.

"Our mission at Firefly is to insert peace and productivity into your working day"

Matt Gray - MD
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1The Problem
Interruptions while working from home can spoil professional meetings. Household members can interrupt your concentration leaving you less time to work and relax.
A remotely operated do not disturb sign, integrated with the latest advancements in smart home technology, mounted outside your door, which illuminates when busy.
Work and relax in peace: your problem solved.

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Read some of the reviews given to us by our customers.

Thank you very much, well packaged, great present and in use!
Sarah (5/5) - Do Not Deskturb Original
Overall very pleased with the product - It suits our usage perfectly :-)
Venessa (5/5) - Do Not Deskturb Original
Thanks for helping me find a Christmas present with utility and a good story!
Helen (5/5) - Do Not Deskturb Smart
My son and daughter are both delighted with their remote controlled 'Do Not Disturb' signs and it is making home schooling so much easier...
Liz (5/5) - 2x Do Not Deskturb Original
... I don't know how we got through previous lockdowns without them! Thank you Firefly Team for a great product and great customer service.
Liz (5/5) - 2x Do Not Deskturb Original
Excellent product - simple & effective. Excellent company service.
Jo (5/5) - Do Not Deskturb Original

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As a group of students, constantly innovating our products, and progressing through the competition to the European finals (after winning best company in the UK), we have news to tell! We'll keep you updated so you can follow our progress, and support us as we represent the UK.

Ashley Chan - COO and Head of Sales


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New Model

Your perfect portable solution.

You can now buy our Do Not Deskturb Modern as a free standing design for the same price, perfect for hot desking, a windowsill or any flat surface you need!


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Firefly Technology

Firefly is a Young Enterprise company formed by a team of 10 sixth form students from Guildford, in the South of England. We decided to help solve an increasingly common problem: interruptions during meetings, after experiencing the issue firsthand in online lessons. We have won multiple awards including most innovative and best overall company in the South East Finals and best website in London and South East to name a few. We're most proud to have been crowned best team in the UK after winning the UK finals (see all our awards). Follow us on social media to hear our news.


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